Please read CAREFULLY and take note of posts via Parent Square regarding your SENIOR & YEARBOOK!

While we strive to include all Seniors in the yearbook (provided they either took a school photo) or decide submitted one of their own, it’s vital that you meet DEADLINES below to be included in the yearbook. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT LATE SUBMISSIONS. This is your responsibility (parents & seniors) to work together to make sure you meet these deadlines. DO NOT wait until the LAST day to submit the system does get bogged down and your submission may not be accepted (this happened last year).



These are professional or well-done photos taken on your own, outside of school for your SENIOR year.
  • Acceptable files should be at least 300dpi, 5X7” min. Vertical or Portrait orientation/format (NO horizontal images). NO full body images as these will be cropped to head and shoulder images.
  • If we don’t receive your submission by the deadline, we will use the most recent school photo (ASB ID photo) instead or if there isn’t a photo on file a “Wolfie” mascot photo instead.
  • DO NOT SEND MULTIPLE IMAGES – it is up to YOU to decide which image you would like. Please do not have us choose.
  • You should get a verification immediately after you submit, if you don’t get verification that your image was submitted, please feel free to email us at:
  • Duplicate images will be deleted, please don’t send duplicates.
  • Make sure to CAPTION your images (see instructions below)

SENIOR PORTRAITS are placed in Yearbook under 2 separate categories! With a quote and without a quote.

SENIOR PORTRAITS WITH A QUOTE – these are listed alpha order and placed first in the senior section.

  • Please CLICK HERE to submit a PORTRAIT
  • Make sure you type SENIOR PORTRAIT QUOTE in the caption info when submitting!
  • Please CLICK HERE to submit a QUOTE – you will get one chance to submit your QUOTE, it must be school appropriate (NO time stamps from movies, TV shows, videos, songs, etc.) SHORT, worded QUOTES ONLY! There is limited space for these! Admin. will screen all quotes, any found questionable will not be included and your PORTRAIT will be moved to the NO QUOTE section.

SENIOR PORTRAITS NO QUOTE – these are placed in alpha order in the section following SENIOR QUOTES section.

  • Please CLICK HERE to submit a PORTRAIT
  • Make sure you type SENIOR PORTRAIT NO QUOTE in the caption info when submitting!

If you are a twin or triplet, or best friend submitting please identify correct photos in the caption section when submitting!


These ads are an amazing way to celebrate and congratulate your Senior in all their accomplishments during their grade school years! Plus, these ads support our Eastlake ASB program. For more info visit  The purchase of these ads go through the Jostens website and our Yearbook staff do not work on these ads.

Click HERE for link to purchase your SENIOR’S RECOGNITION AD.


Yearbook Purchase Info
Cost $70

Next Window for purchasing is January 1st thru February 1st

Pay for your Yearbook at or bring check or credit card to pay in person.

Families can receive financial assistance, please contact your Counselor or email to request assistance. 


Need to submit a photo?

Please only submit high quality photos (300 dpi or 1200 ppi) at least a 5X7” photo. Original images ONLY! No screen shots, these don’t produce well in the yearbook!

Your photo must be edited & well cropped. Make sure you add a completed, correct caption with all students’ full name and grade.

CLICK HERE to upload your images!

Having trouble accessing the upload link and need a user id?
Eastlake user id: 0RoWrTx3sMVpHuL0xCEN_qQ

Make sure to read upload instructions

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Keep in mind EHS Yearbook is organized, designed and built by our talented yearbook staff. For many it is their very first experience in creating, producing and publishing any publication. As we try our best to be as accurate as possible, omit errors during our editing process, there may be a few that slip by unnoticed as with any other publication. This is a huge undertaking for these students, and while they try their absolute best, any support, grace and understanding you can allow, would be greatly appreciated during this learning process for our Eastlake students.