EHS Equity Team

Eastlake is committed to being an anti-racist school and school who puts equity at the
center of all we do. We have been growing in our awareness, knowledge and skills and
this year we will focus on the actions we can take to ensure Eastlake is a place for all
students, no matter their identity and background. Though this school year brings
unprecedented challenges we will not lose sight of our goal. Our equity objectives this
year are:

For Staff:
a. Educate staff on cultural competence and culturally responsive teaching
b. Educate students about racial and social justice in a guaranteed and viable

For Students:
a. Educate students about racial and social justice in a guaranteed and viable
b. Remove barriers for underprivileged or marginalized students in order to close the
achievement gap and improve the school experience for all students
c. Strengthen student leadership around creating a more equitable school

For Parents/Community:
a. Support and celebrate various cultures at Eastlake
b. Educate community about racial and social justice
c. Create a public facing Equity Plan

In Building Policy/Systems
a. Recruit, hire and retain a diverse staff
b. Strengthen Administration's leadership around equity at Eastlake
c. Build teachers awareness and skills to recognize and address issues of racism at

Discussions about Race

Eastlake’s Black Student Union has started an ongoing segment called Discussions about Race.
To introduce the first segment, here is BSU member Aryan Mahindra. Click here to watch.
Link to the survey mentioned in the segment here.

2020-2021 Eastlake Equity Team Members:

  • Rachelle Horner, Alicia Egashira, Chris Bede (Leaders)
  • Todd Bohannon and Jyoti Bawa (Renaissance representatives)
  • Jason Wessels (Science representative)
  • Sara Lally (Math representatives)
  • Shila Hodgins (History representatives)
  • Crystal Visperas (English representatives)
  • Lisa Schmatz (Classified representatives)
  • Molly Hill (Health and Fitness representative)
  • Paula Olson - Counseling Representative
  • Darcie Breynaert, Todd Apple, Robert Johnson and Devin Barrett (Administration)

Black Lives Matter at Eastlake - message from Principal Bede 6/5/20