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2020-2021 Eastlake Daily Remote Schedule

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Daily Schedule


With this schedule, Eastlake tried to find a balance between academic progress and student wellness. We wanted to remain thoughtful of student screen time and the length of the day tethered to a computer. This schedule allows teachers to connect directly with their students during synchronous learning. This schedule also allows for flexibility for students completing asynchronous learning, along with providing them asynchronous support they can access during the school day.

What is the Difference Between Synchronous and Asynchronous Instruction?

  • Synchronous Learning (Classes): Students are in a remote learning environment; the teacher is delivering real time instruction via Microsoft Teams to the whole class, small groups of students, or individual students.
  • Asynchronous Learning: Students are in a remote learning environment; the teacher has pre-developed or recorded lessons the students complete when convenient for the student/family.

What is Personalization, Asynchronous Student Work Time and Asynchronous Learning and Support?

  • Asynchronous Learning and Support: Students will be able to work on a task/lessons that teachers have already provided for the week. Teachers can be available to provide extra support, but it needs to be scheduled.
  • Personalization Time - We will call it “Pack Time” if students stay together as a class to cover important school business or participate in an activity. This will usually occur after Period 2. We will call it “Wolf Time” if it is flexible for students and teachers. We will continue to use Flexisched, where students can sign up to see their teacher and teachers can request students to come see them. Students only attend if they want help from their teacher or have been signed up by their teacher. We will also continue to use this time for enrichment opportunities for students such as college visits or career exploration. Teachers can also use this time for enrichment opportunities in their class.
  • Asynchronous Student Work Time – This is time for students to work independently. Teachers are not available during this time as they are planning, grading, collaborating with colleagues or participating in professional development.