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Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Intervention: Allyse DiRe-Day

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Allyse DiRe-Day is Eastlake's  Prevention Interventionist from Youth Eastside Services.

If you are experiencing symptoms of stress, anxiety, sadness, or maybe would just like to check in with someone, we encourage you to reach out! If you have questions around drug/alcohol use or general questions around drugs and alcohol, reach out as well.

Check out your options below and decide what might be right for you.

  • Are you interested in briefly checking in with someone to get some skills or resources? Or did you just have general questions? If yes... check out my Zoom office hours every Tuesday and Thursday: 3:30 pm to 6 pm!Please register in advance. To register click this link: Once you’ve registered, you will receive an email with the meeting link, simply follow that on any Tuesday and Thursday 330pm to 6pm.
  • Are you interested in having weekly meetings with Allyse to work on a specific goal via video chat? Feel free to  email Allyse at with your name and phone number. She will give you a call to follow up.
  • Are you interested in connecting with a more long-term mental health counselor? Call Youth Eastside Services at 425-747-4937 to set up an intake.
  • Other services YES provides: Substance Use Disorder assessment and counseling, co-occurring disorders counseling, DBT, Road to Recovery groups and if needed, psychiatric care.

Allyse and the other LWSD drug and alcohol prevention/interventionists offer weekly Support Groups for LWSD students. Since these are currently online with remote learning, all groups are open to all high school students in LWSD. Please contact Allyse for more information :

  • Affected Others for students who are close to someone who is impacted by drug or alcohol abuse. This is a confidential space to explore feelings, build community, and reduce feelings of isolation.
  • Positive Choices for students wanting to avoid substance abuse. Learn to recognize situations that can lead to risky choices.
  • Recovery for students working toward or in recover from substance abuse. Students learn healthy coping skills and tools, along with mindfulness strategies on how to support present and future goals of not using substances.
  • Quit Vaping Now for students who are wanting to work towards not using nicotine products of any kind. Build motivation to quit by recognizing triggers, learning mindfulness strategies to reduce stress, and creating steps for success with realistic goals.

If these are not good options or if you feel like you need immediate help or are experiencing a crisis. Please call Crisis Connections at 206-461-3222, call 911, or text HOME to 741741 if you feel like you or someone else is experiencing a crisis.

Evergreen Health

Evergreen Health Social Worker - Suzanne Campiche

Email  - Suzanne Campiche

Suzanne is a social worker from Evergreen Health who supports Eastlake students through a partnership with LWSD. She provides crisis intervention, psychosocial and risk assessments, safety planning and brief interventions. Suzanne provides ongoing behavioral health support until she can connect students with an outside referral.

Staff and parents are also able to consult with Suzanne regarding interventions, psychoeducation and community resources. She can assist with referrals to primary care, specialty care and mental health providers. She works with students or parents
who contact her directly, and students who are referred to her by our school counselors.

Student Support Groups

Suzanne and the other LWSD social workers also lead student support groups during asynchronous time. Any LWSD high school student can join any group.

Please visit the link here for counseling services

Evergreen website here