College and Career Center Washington Network for Innovative Careers

Enroll in the Washington Network for Innovative Careers (WANIC) and prepare for a career before you leave Eastlake. WANIC offers a board range of courses which can lead to certifications and college credit.

2021-22 WANIC Registration News

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How to Register for WANIC/Next Steps:

  • Eastlake students interested in WANIC should register for a full Eastlake schedule during EHS 2021-22 registration.
  • After the WANIC registration opens on February 2nd, submit the WANIC application.
  • After the Eastlake master schedule for 2021-22 is finished in late spring, EHS counselors and the College and Career Center will work with students to modify original schedule requests to accommodate a student’s WANIC schedule.
  • WANIC Summer registration will open after LWSD Spring Break.

Frequently Asked Questions

WANIC Academic Year Classes 2021-22

WANIC offers Career and Technical Education classes at a variety of locations, including Lake Washington Institute of Technology, DigiPen, and area high schools. Academic year course span the 2020-21 school year, earn Occupational credit, and often other course equivalencies.

WANIC Summer Session

WANIC's 2020 Summer Session was held July 6-17, Monday-Friday 8:00 am-3:00 pm

Summer 2021 Registration will open after LWSD Spring Break.