Running Start

Counselors will be available to complete Running Start enrollment when we return to work at the end of August.


What is Running Start?

Running Start is a program in which juniors and seniors who qualify may enroll in college level courses at Bellevue College, CWU Sammamish, or Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LW Tech) and earn high school and college credit concurrently. Lake Washington School District pays the college tuition for up to 21 credits per quarter and offers the opportunity for students to be either part- or full-time students at Eastlake and the school of choice. For more detailed information about the program, cost, process, please review the Running Start Agreement.

EHS counselors will start meeting with students after March 29th. Please review information on this page and start the enrollment process with your college before reaching out to your counselor.

 A few important things to note:

  • It is the student’s responsibility to drive the enrollment process. College is an adult environment where students are expected to engage in the community in a positive, mature and independent manner. Both the high school and the colleges expect that students are able to
  • Parents: We have been asked to remind you that FERPA laws are followed at the college level.  College faculty are NOT allowed to communicate with anyone but the student about the students academic progress.  Please do not contact them for any reason.
  • EHS counselors are here to make sure you complete your high school requirements and sign the RSEVF. Students will communicate with the college advisor to register for classes or any other additional questions.

This website reviews possible Running Start programs in the community, the presentation that was given middle of February, resources related to EHS and FAQ for all things related to Running Start.

Step 1: Research
Research your options, review the Eastlake presentation and attend an Eastlake information session. Select your Running Start program and start enrollment process directly through the school.

View EHS Presentation HERE

Step 2: Enroll
Complete the enrollment and placement process for your chosen college. See Local Running Start Programs and Registration Dates for information about each colleges requirements and process

Step 3: Complete the RSEVF and initial intake meeting with EHS Counselor

  1. Review Eastlake High School Running Start Agreement and expectations
  2. Review course equivalency chart for remaining graduation credits.
  3. Complete the RSEVF (see NEW and CURRENT student instructions)

Please fill out the form for your specific counselor to complete the RSEVF

Schwarz (A-CARK) RSEVF Link HERE






Beresford (PIP-SAG) RSEVF Link HERE


Owen-Clifford (THE-Z) RSEVF Link HERE

Completing the RSEVF

Returning Running Start Students:

The process to complete your RSEVF form for fall quarter has changed and no longer requires an in-person meeting. Please follow these instructions to guarantee swift and quick return of your completed .

  1. Download and complete the RSEVF.
  2. Review your outstanding graduation requirements and select courses that meet those requirements, using the course equivalency chart.
  3. Fill out the Microsoft form for your counselor (links listed on this page), which includes attaching your RSEVF.
  4. Your counselor will return your completed RSEVF within 2-3 school days of receiving it, then it is your responsibility to submit it to the college and completing enrollment.

The window to submit the form for Fall 2024 is April 1 through June 2. Counselors will not process forms over the summer break.

New Running Start Students for the 2024-2025 School Year:

First step is to complete enrollment in a Running Start Program. Counselors are meeting with students once they get to that step of the process, not prior to registration at a school. If you have any questions, please review the presentation and the Running Start page for some of the frequently asked questions.

Once you are ready to meet with your counselor…

  1. Review the Running Start Agreement and prior to the meeting.
  2. Print the RSEVF. Review, complete the top portion, get a parent signature.
  3. Email your counselor to set up an intake meeting!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Running Start Presentation HERE

Local Running Start Programs

Below are local programs EHS students frequent, but LWSD students are eligible to participate in any Running Start program. Please contact your counselor if there is a different program you wish to enroll in.

Bellevue College

Phone: 425.564.2026
BC Info Session Information

Cascadia College
Phone: 425.352.8146

Lake Washington Institute of Technology
Phone: 425.739.8336

CWU Sammamish
Phone: 509.963.1351

Running Start FAQ's