Running Start

Running Start Informational Session for the 2021-22 School Year

  • Running Start PowerPoint Presentation - view in STREAM or YouTube
    Students and Parents please view this presentation prior to the Q & A session
  • Wednesday February, 17th 2021 at 12:30pm LIVE Q & A session via TEAMS
     This Q & A event will be hosted by Eastlake Counselors: Kim Sheely, Stephanie Bailey and Melanie Conroy. Click here to join the meeting.

PLEASE NOTE - All students must register for a full schedule at Eastlake in January. If you end up taking some/all classes for 2021-22 through RS you will work with your counselor at changing your EHS schedule.

What is Running Start?

Running Start is a program in which juniors and seniors who qualify may enroll in college level courses at Bellevue College, CWU Sammamish, Cascadia College, or Lake Washington Institute of Technology and earn high school and college credit concurrently. Lake Washington School District pays the college tuition for a specified number of credits taken; and students are usually responsible for fees, books, and transportation.

Please see the links below to learn more about each of the programs and consider attending an orientation at the school of choice to get more information about next steps in the enrollment process.

In addition, students will be asked to fill out the EHS Running Start Agreement form. Please review these forms with your student and or parent, sign, and return to your counselor via email. A Running Start Enrollment Verification form is also required to register at the college.

Should I do Running Start? Is it right for me?

Bellevue College and Central Washington University Sammamish and Lake Washington Institute of Technology have information sessions or meetings to fully explain the program, including potential benefits and risks. Everyone should plan to attend one of these as part of their application process to learn more. Schedules for these information sessions can be found on the Running Start section of their respective website. A few important issues to consider before deciding if Running Start is right for you.