Out of District Credits

All out-of-district credits (including online classes) must be preapproved by counselor and/or administrator.
Please fill out the Out of District Cover-sheet and Appendix C and turn it in to your counselor before registering for a course.

Out-of-district credit must be completed by an accredited program. The most common online option by Eastlake students is BYU. The most common in-person programs are Brightmont and Pacific Learning Academy. Below is a list of online programs that students have had approved in the past.

*It is your responsibility to check with NCAA to see if the courses are approved as many are not if you are planning on playing sports in college.

Approved Online Course Providers

Below is a list of online programs that students have had approved in the past.

Accelerate Education/Accelerate Online Academy: www.accelerate-ed.com

Advanced Academics: www.advancedacademics.com

Apex Learning : www.apexlearning.com

BYU Independent Study- High School Courses: byu.is

cFitness Academy (formerly, Carone Fitness):www.cFitnessAcademy.com

DigiPen Institute of Technology - Online Academies: https://projectfun.digipen.edu

Edgenuity: https://www.edgenuity.com/

EdisonLearning: www.edisonlearning.com

EdOptions Online Academy (Edmentum): www.edoptionsacademy.com

Federal Way Internet Academy : www.iacademy.org

Florida Virtual School - Global School : www.flvsglobal.net/contact-us

Fuel Education (formerly Aventa Learning): www.getfueled.com

Graduation Alliance (The American Academy): www.graduationalliance.com

Greenways Academy: www.greenwaysacademy.com

K12 Inc.: www.k12.com

Northwest Liberty School: www.NorthwestLibertySchool.org

Red Comet: www.redcomet.org

Spokane Virtual Learning: spokanevirtual.com

The Virtual High School (VHS): thevhs.org

Keystone School Online http://www.keystoneschoolonline.com/high-school/faq