Juniors - Class of 2023

The Junior Meetings

The Junior Meeting presentation was shown on Monday, March 7th in Humanities classes.  You can watch the presentation on STREAM, YouTube if you missed it or rewatch before having your Junior Meeting with your Counselor

To provide your Counselor some information on your post high school plans and prepare for your Junior Meeting, please complete the Junior Meeting Survey Form that was sent to you by your Counselor. Once completed, you will receive a link to book your meeting.

Junior Parent Night

join Tessa D’Alessandro - Counselor, Carol McGuigan - College & Career Specialist and McKenzie Yonago - Counseling Intern, for the Junior Parent Night on Wednesday, March 16th from 7-8pm. This will be a Teams Live event and the link for the meeting is posted below. Before the Junior Parent Night, please watch the Junior Meeting Presentation HERE and submit any questions to the Parent Q&A Form. We will review answers to the questions during the Parent Night. Afterward, all materials will be posted on the EHS website. We look forward to seeing you there!

Event & Presentation Links

Post High School Guidebook

We’ve put together some of our best post-high school resources in a new Eastlake Post-High School Guidebook.

It's packed with resources, tips and links for a variety of post high school options, college planning to do’s, money matters, timelines and more.

Use this Guide, College and Career Calendar and other resources on the Class of 2023 College & Career Teams page to keep your planning on track in the upcoming months. The teams page can only be accessed by the students in class of 2023.