Letters of Recommendation

Counselor Recommendation & School Report 

If you are applying to a school that requires a school report form and/or counselor recommendation, please read the following. This applies most commonly to schools using Common App, SENDedu, or The Coalition Application. 

  • First, add your counselor as a Recommender in the platforms you are using. Be sure to sign your FERPA waiver! 
  • Second, confirm if you are applying to a school that requires a counselor recommendation.  
  • Third, only a handful of schools require a Counselor Letter of Recommendation. If this is the case, please complete your individual counselor's letter of recommendation form (see below for links) and include a list of the schools that require a customized letter from your counselor. This must be received at least 10 working days prior to your deadline*. 

Please Note: You must give counselors a MINIMUM of 10 working days prior to your first due date to complete any required actions. Last-minute requests will not be moved ahead of other students who came first. Please carefully plan for deadlines to avoid unnecessary issues. 

*Due to the quick turnaround time, for October 15th deadlines, you must invite your counselor and complete the form (if needed) by October 7th

Please be aware that students can submit their applications before counselors have submitted  

Counselor Letter of Recommendation links: 

Need a letter of recommendation from your teacher for college applications? 

Fill out this form give to your teacher when requesting a letter. Teacher Letter of Recommendation FormHERE