Letters of Recommendation

Need a letter of recommendation from your teacher or counselor for college applications?

You might if you’re using Common App. Please fill out the form below and provide to your counselor at least one month in advance. Students need to be using their LWSD student email address to access the form.

If a teacher is going to write the letter of recommendation for the counselor portion of the application, still invite your counselor and ask your  teacher to email the letter to the counselor once completed.

Counselor Recommendation Form -  Please take the time to thoroughly fill out a request for a letter from your counselor if one of your desired colleges is requesting one from you. Click on your counselors name in the box below & complete the request form: 

Bailey  Beresford
Conroy Cook
D'Alessandro Muskavage
Miller Olson

Need a letter of recommendation from your teacher for college applications?

Fill out the form below and give to your teacher.

Teacher Letter of Recommendation Form - HERE