High School and Beyond Plan

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If you have any questions about the completion of your HSBP please contact Tyshawn Ward

What is the High School & Beyond Plan?

The Washington State High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP) was put in place for students to begin career and college explorations within their high school experience.  This aligns to the Eastlake common goal that we “Provide students with the knowledge and skills to make thoughtful decisions in high school and beyond (career and college ready).”  Some of the components of the HSBP at Eastlake are implemented using a program called Xello where students can explore different post-secondary paths. Xello will have students identify interests, skills, their desired amount of education and much more to determine some best fit suggestions. At Eastlake, the completion of the HSBP is done throughout a student’s four years and in a variety of courses and activities.

HSBP Mandatory Activity

The Xello “About Me” tasks are a graduation requirement for all students, grades 9 through 12.  The information carries over from year to year, so they only need to be completed once.  You can always update your responses if you feel your saved careers or colleges no longer apply.  Please see the Xello About Me Instructions document for further instruction.

Only SOME of the Xello components are required by the district this year, due to state changes to the HSBP.

Click here to see what students need to do to meet the OSPI HSBP requirements.

Class of 2021 HSBP Graduation Requirements


Xello Login Instructions

  1. Go to www.lwsd.org
  2. Hover over Students & Families tab at the top of the screen, and click 6-12 Online Curriculum
  3. Under Core Curriculum, click on Xello.

You can also click here to see screenshots on how to log in to Xello.