What is the High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP)? A high school graduation plan prepared for options in career, college, and life. The High School & Beyond Plan helps students gain knowledge and skills to plan current and future goals. Students revise their plan annually to accommodate changing interests, personalized pathway choices and post-secondary goals on what they expect to do following high school graduation. Post-secondary aspirations may include pathways for application to four-year colleges or universities, two-year community or technical colleges, apprenticeship programs, industry standard certificate programs, military training or on-the-job training and workforce entry.

Required Grade-Level Assignments 

High School & Beyond—XELLO Students are required to complete the High School & Beyond requirement each year which is done through XELLO. Below are the standards that need to be met for each year. Different activities are added each year, and students must stay on track to graduate. 

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Xello Login Instructions

  1. Click on student tools
  2. Click on XELLO

HSBP Grade-Level Assignments

HSBP Mandatory Activity

The Xello “About Me” tasks are a graduation requirement for all students, grades 9 through 12.  The information carries over from year to year, so they only need to be completed once.  You can always update your responses if you feel your saved careers or colleges no longer apply. 
  • Please see the Xello About Me Instructions document for further instruction.
  • Only SOME of the Xello components are required by the district this year, due to state changes to the HSBP.
  • Click here to see what students need to do to meet the OSPI HSBP requirements.
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HSBP Grade-Level Assignments

CTE Graduation Pathways


A student may meet this graduation pathway option by completing a sequence of CTE courses, which align with the student’s High School and Beyond Plan. Satisfying this graduation pathway option meets requirements in both English and math. A course that is used as part of a CTE sequence may also be used to meet subject area graduation requirements in CTE or in other subject areas through CTE course equivalencies.

For more information, visit LWSD High School Guide.

First page of the PDF file: CTEGraduationPathways

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Contact Information

If you have any questions about the completion of your HSBP please contact Tyshawn Ward