Fall Class Schedules

Students will be able to view their first semester schedule on the Skyward Student Portal August 29th.  Every effort was made to provide students with a schedule that includes both their required core classes as well as their requested electives. At this time, most classes are full which means that we will not be able to accommodate schedule changes.

Students whose schedules meet one of the criteria below will be able to schedule a time via Flexischedule during counseling drop in hours on Friday August 30th between 10a and 2p. Directions to do so will be shared when schedules are available August 29th.

  • Student has a definite error or schedule conflict (i.e. two classes are scheduled during the same period or a core requirement is missing).
  • Seniors who are lacking a graduation requirement
  • Students who are misplaced in a course – examples include: wrong level of math, wrong level of world language, took summer school for the course, teacher recommends a change to another level based on student level
  • Running Start/WANIC schedule conflicts with high school schedule
  • I did not request this course (even as an alternate)
  • Student has fewer than 7 classes first semester.  All freshmen, sophomores and juniors must have 7 classes each semester.  There are no open periods and only seniors may have late arrival or early dismissal.

And, finally, just a reminder that this is a very busy time of year.  While we would love to immediately accommodate and meet with every student, it simply isn’t possible.  Following the above process and being patient will make for a less frustrating and more enjoyable beginning of the school year!