Fall Class Schedules

Welcome Back to the 2019-2020 School Year

This year schedules with teachers and rooms will be available in Family and Student Access at 2:00pm on August 29th.  If you have not come into Eastlake to change your password you will not be able to change it from home, however your parents will be able to view your schedule.

We will not be handing out schedules on the first day of school so please make sure you print your schedule at home or know how to access it on the Skyward App on your phone.
*If you attended one of our new student registration session on 8/22 or 8/29 we will have your schedule printed in the counseling office on the first day of school.

Students are expected to take the classes they request since this is how we create our master schedule and hire and assign school staff.  There is not enough space in other classes to accommodate widespread changes for unnecessary reasons.

Counselors will be offering scheduled appointments on Friday August 30th from 10am to 2pm. If after reviewing your schedule, you believe you need a schedule changed based on one of the below reasons you will need to schedule an appointment via flexischedule after 2pm on Thursday.

Reasons counselors will be meeting with students are:

  1. Seniors who are lacking in a graduation requirement
  2. Students who are misplaced in a course - examples include wrong level of math, wrong level of world language, took summer school for the course, teacher recommends a change to another level based on student level
  3. Incomplete schedule, or double-booked period
  4. Running Start or WANIC schedule conflicts with high school schedule

If you have a change for second semester, please wait until the second week of school to meet with your counselor.

How to view your schedule in Skyward

  • Login to Skyward (if logging in as a parent select the student you would like to view)
  • Select “Schedule” from the column on the left
  • Next to student name select, “Request courses for 2019-2020 in Eastlake SR High”

Make sure you have the right Skyward App on your phone!

EHS Counselors

A-Ca: Stephanie Fox
Ce-Ga: Sara Anderson
Ge-I: Paula Olson
J-Mar: Yvette Cook
Mas-Q: Kim Sheely
R-St: Taylor Erickson
Su-Z: Shawna Beresford

Please note that the schedules are not 100% firm, as there is always some fluidity with enrollment numbers prior to the start of school. Because of this, we recommend you print your schedule Monday night.