Course Registration 2018-2019


Incoming 9th graders, you have your own registration information click here.

We are gearing up for Eastlake High School registration for school year 2018-2019! As we move into a 7-period school day next year, our staff is pulling out all the stops to ensure students are making thoughtful, informed decisions about their courses. Below is an outline of our registration process. At the bottom of this page we will have each of the presentations for reference, as well as the paperwork (should a student need a copy!).

February 22nd and 23rd: Each class period, students will be introduced to a different aspect of the registration process. Students will receive their registration paperwork, a credit check form, and a transcript at this time (to complete their own credit check). They will also get information on what credits they need for graduation, how to register for classes, and other important registration information.
In addition, departments will go over course pathways for each of their classes, including pre-requisite information and recommendations.

Day 1 Registration Deadlines and Timelines presented 2nd period

Day 1 Registration Homeroom Presentation presented 4th period

Registration Deadlines

How to Pick Meaningful Classes

Career Cruising Directions 2018-2019 presented 6th period

Registration Class of 2021 Credit Check Worksheet - Registration Class of 2021 Course Selection Worksheet

Registration Class of 2020 Credit Check Worksheet - Registration Class of 2020 Course Selection Worksheet

Registration Class of 2019 Credit Check Worksheet - Registration Class of 2019 Course Selection Worksheet

Making informed decisions: In addition to the information students receive during registration, we have built into our schedule plenty of time for students to explore their course options. Eastlake Course Catalog

February 21st, UW/AP Night: There will be a presentation in the EHS Theater which will include information about pre-requisites, homework load and expectations. We highly recommend both you and your student attend if they are considering an AP or UW class.

February 23rd
, homeroom: Electives Fair

February 26th, 27th, and March 1st, Wolf Times: During Wolf Time, students can attend up to two info sessions from various departments. Considering an AP class? Students can hear from the teachers. Trying to figure out what art class is going to be a fit? Counselors will also have Wolf Times to answer questions. Students will sign up for these Wolf Times on February 23rd, in class.

February 22nd through March 5th, Counseling Center: Counselors will be available to answer registration questions before school, during lunch, and after school to answer questions.

Monday, March 5th: Students will turn in their registration page (WITH PARENT SIGNATURE) and a print out of their Career Cruising registration to their 5th period teacher.

Running Start: If your student is interested in Running Start they still need to follow the EHS registration timeline/procedure and register for 7 classes here. Check out our Power School Learning Page to review our presentation from the 2/6 info session. You may also consider attending an info session at a community college campus (like Bellevue College, Central Washington University or Lake Washington Institute of Technology) for more information.