Course Catalog

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Eastlake Mission: Developing the character and intellectual strengths for individual and shared success.

Eastlake Values

  • Intellectual strengths such as curiosity, creativity, and effective communication
  • Personal attributes such as authenticity, integrity, and responsibility
  • Interpersonal attributes such as empathy, teamwork, and service
  • Growth through initiative, work ethic, perseverance, and reflection
  • Justice through equity and inclusion of diverse lived experiences
  • Balancing competition and ambition with gratitude and wellness
Todd Apple - Principal
Lowell Thomson - Associate Principal
Allyson Cagney - Associate Principal
Dana Greenberg - Associate Principal
Cheryl Kenyon - Associate Principal
Josh Trimmell - Dean of Students
  Counseling Department  
  Jennifer Schwarz
Tessa Hinn
Paula Olson   
Yvette Cook
McKenzie Yonago         

Amber Owen-Clifford
Cameron Miller
Shawna Beresford
Chase Covingington