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What is a Gap Year? 
  • An interim year between high school and higher education 
  • Volunteer service, travel, cultural exchange, internships and more 
Who is a good fit for this pathway? 
  • Students who may need time to identify plans and/or mature before investing money in college. 
  • Willing to consider a structured plan.  Goals and plans ensure that your Gap "Year" doesn't turn into a Gap "Two or Three" years. 
Should I apply to college now and request a deferral or wait until the Gap Year is over? 
  • We encourage students to complete their college applications during their senior year.  It's much easier to complete college application tasks like teacher letter of recommendations, counselor recommendations, transcripts, standardized testing, etc. while in high school.
  • Gap Year policies vary by college, but most will grant deferments as long as you provide a clear, thoughtful plan for the Gap Year. 

Gap Year Programs

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Plan Your Gap Year

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Planning a gap year isn’t hard. In fact, it can be kind of fun. Here are a few tips to get you started. 

Gap Year Resources

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What are some good resources?