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College Application Support Calendar
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UW's Holistic Review
Preparation & performance:
  • An overall strong level of academic achievement, as demonstrated by grades, depth and breadth and rigor of curriculum.
  • Taking advantage of college-preparatory courses during high school, such as Advanced Placement (AP), Running Start or college in the high school; or academic subjects beyond the minimum required for college entrance.
  • Taking full advantage of the senior year
  • Demonstrating a positive grade trend
Personal achievements & characteristics
  • What have you done outside of the classroom? Personal achievements and characteristics may include:
  • Demonstrating a commitment to community service and leadership
  • Exercising significant responsibility in a family, community, employment situation or through activities
  • Attaining a college-preparatory education despite socio-economic disadvantage (Washington state residents only)
  • Demonstrating cultural awareness or unique perspectives or experiences

Note: The UW does not weight or prioritize one model of college-level course over another. Comparable coursework completed through AP, IB, Cambridge, Running Start and College in the High School are viewed equally for admission purposes.

Academic Preparation & Performance
  • Strong academic achievement
  • Strength of Curriculum (Depth & breadth beyond College Academic Distribution Requirements)
  • Rigorous college-prep courses (AP/IB/Dual Enrollment)
  • Strong senior year
  • Grade Trend
Personal Achievements & Characteristics
  • Community service, leadership, achievement
  • Significant responsibility
  • Significant personal adversity
  • Socioeconomic disadvantage
  • Unique backgrounds, perspectives, experiences or cultural awareness
What's Not Considered in the Holistic Review
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Legacy/alumni status
  • Profiles provided by schools
  • Requested majors
  • Standardized test scores
  • AP/1B test scores
  • Common App essay


Quick Links to Guidebooks

Eastlake's Admission Contacts
Wondering who to contact if you have admission and application questions for the colleges you are interested in applying to? Most colleges assign admission reps to high schools by state or territory and provide the contact information for the counselor assigned on their website. Disclaimer: College contacts change frequently.
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The Guaranteed Admission Program (GAP) guarantees admission to a Washington Public, four-year college or university.

Note: The information provided on this page is meant to be a general guide for completing college applications. It is important that students visit the websites of colleges and programs they are applying for the most up-to-date admission requirements and application instructions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Admission Options

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Eastlake High School Information

School Profile 23-24
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Letters of Recommendation


HS Transcript Example
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Reporting Courses & Grades

Submitting Applications

University of California 2024 Application Resources (Videos and Guidebook)

UC Application: Domestic NonResident Student
UC Application: International Students
UC Application: Starting the Application
UC Application: The "About You" Section
UC Application: Campus & Majors
UC Application: Freshman Academic History
UC Application: Test Scores
UC Application: Activities & Awards
UC Application: Scholarships & Programs
UC Application: Personal Insight Questions (PIQ)

California State University 2024 Application Resources

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