Eastlake Counseling Department

Chase Covington, Amber Owen-Clifford, McKenzie, Yonago, Jen Schwarz, Shawna Beresford, Paula Olson, Cameron Miller, Stephanie Bailey, Tessa Hinn, Yvette Cook

2023-24 Eastlake Counselors Alpha List & Contact Information

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Graduation Requirements

Eastlake Students and Parents, your graduation requirements are now visible on Skyward. Please click here to view how to properly interpret them.

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Student Services

 Front row: Chase Covington, Cathy Johnson, Amber Owen-Clifford, McKenzie Yonago, Yvette Cook, Stephanie Bailey, Tessa D’Alessandro, Rebecca Harris
Middle row: Tyshawn Ward, Shawna Beresford, David McHale, Kim Sonnenberg, Cameron Miller, Tracy Gordon

Back row: Karen Stevens, Bindu Chetanwala, Ky Bowers, Jen Schwarz, Alyssa Hoffman, Chase Palermo, Paula Olson

Student Services