Summer Sports Registration opens May 1st 2022

A physical is required for participation in any sport! 

Physicals and medical eligibility are valid for two years from the date of exam. 

If your student is a current 8th grader you submit the physical to your current middle school. If your student is a current Eastlake student you submit your physical to Amy Hill in the Athletics office or directly upload it to FinalForms. That option is in the WIAA PPE PHYSICAL form in FinalForms. 

Print the physical to take to your physician here. Please note that the physical and medical eligibility form that you submit must have the DATE of EXAM, clinic stamp, and physician's signature. 

Summer Sports offer open gyms, camp attendance, tournaments, conditioning and practices.

Summer session runs from May 31st  until July 31st.
Please note: Rising 9th graders can participate beginning June 4th


  • Parents register their students via FinalForms, must be cleared with physical and all forms completed and signed by parent & student. 
  • Participation fee is $50 per sport payable through the LWSD online payment system. See the payment directions.
  • CHOICE school student that lives in the Eastlake boundary? Email Amy Hill with your students name so they can be added to the Summer Sports roster. 

A student/athlete may participate in more than one summer program you just pay for each sport that you are going to participate in. If your student is only going to participate in one sport ONLY SELECT THAT SPORT. 

Eastlake will be offering the following programs for summer training:

Please note! At Eastlake, we do not offer Strength and Conditioning through our Summer Athletics DO NOT SELECT AS AN OPTION in FinalForms.  Some sports may do conditioning within their own program.


Please either email or call Amy Hill if you have questions about registering : (425) 936-1524.   Please direct sports or schedule questions to coaches using email addresses linked above or visit the teams website. 

FinalForms Registration Directions

  • Parent logs into FinalForms
  • Click on the blue box at the top of the page that says Click to switch to 2022-23 Registration
  • Under Fall 2022-23 select Coed Summer Athletics, then update sports.
  • All of the forms that you must complete will appear on the left side, you must complete all of the required information. 
  • You select the sport your student is going to participate in within the Summer Athletics Information form. Only register for the sport your student is going to participate in. Do not put a second choice if they are only participating in one sport!
  • Once the parent forms are complete, the student will receive an email from FinalForms through their LWSD email account. They open the email and follow the directions to read and sign all forms that require a student's signature.
  • Then you pay the $50 LWSD Summer Sports participation fee. See the box below for instructions on payment.   

 Payment for Summer Athletics

Step 1: Login to the LWSD Payment Portal at to pay your the summer sports fee LWSD
Step 2: Click on students name
Step 3: Click on Items at Student's School
Step 4: Click on Summer Sports
Step 5: Select your students Summer Sport and then Checkout.

Please note that there are NO refunds given for Summer Sports.
The $50 ASB payment that you see in FinalForms is not due until Fall Sports registration opens August 1st.

2022-2023 School Year

Registration opens for ALL sports for the 2022-23 school year on August 1st!