Eastlake Clubs 2023-24

Have Fun, Get Involved!

ASB cards are required for club & sports participation. ASB cards can be purchased from the EHS Bookkeeping Office located in the Student Store. The office is open before school, and during lunches.



                  ASB Club Application Documents

How to Become a Club or Interest Group - here

Eastlake High School Club Application - here

Club Constitution Template - here

                         Application deadline is November 6th

ATTENTION CLUB ADVISORS AND CLUB MEMBERS – Before a flyer  advertising a club is put up in the school, it must be approved and stamped by our Main Office (Cathy Kilborn). All big painted posters are approved by Molly Hill.

This process is quick, but important that we have approved signs in our halls. Any poster or flyer that is not approved will be removed.

Clubs are Advertised on the following Eastlake Social Media sites:

Facebook  - EastlakeLWSD
Instagram - EastlakeLWSD

ASB Clubs

(These clubs are able to fund raise and expend funds.
Students who participate must have an ASB card)

Interest Groups

(no fundraising; ASB card not required)