Class Advisors and ASB Officers

2020-2021 Class Officer Elections

Interested in serving the Eastlake family throughout the 2020-21 school year?

Right now, we are accepting applications from current freshmen, sophomores, and juniors who would like to be considered for a Class Officer position within the Eastlake leadership program. Check out the packet for information about applying!

All applications are due by 3pm next Wednesday, May 20th.


Class Advisors

Class Advisor
Senior Class - class of 2020  
Junior Class - class of 2021  
Sophomore Class - class of 2022  
Freshman Class - class of 2023





2021 ASB Officers


Joseph Osborn

Vice President: Allie Martin
Treasurer: Mackenzie Hunkins
Secretary: Anna Koffman
Public Relations Officer: Bella Schmitt

Senior Class Officers class of 2020:

President: Anjinee Nair
Vice President: Josh Dion
Secretary / Treasurer: Maddie Hunt

Junior Class Officers class of 2021: President: Allison Martin
Vice President: Greg Baughman
Secretary / Treasurer: Jane Blissett
Sophomore Class Officers class of 2022: President: Mackenzie Hunkins
Vice President:Kavya Gajjar
Secretary / Treasurer: Belle Schmidt
Freshmen Class Officers class of 2023: President: TBD
Vice President: TBD
Secretary/Treasurer: TBD