Upcoming Science Competitions

Upcoming Science Competitions

Is your student interested in participating in science competitions outside of their current science coursework? Eastlake is registered for numerous science competitions that they can participate in. Below is a list of current competitions and the available information for those. If your student is interested in participating, please email Michelle Okroy to confirm registration and to receive your competition waiver.

F=ma Exam –

  • The F=ma Contest is the first step in the United States Physics Team selection process that leads to participation in the 51st International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) in Lithuania. The U.S. Physics Team Program provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students to enhance their physics knowledge, as well as their creativity, leadership, and commitment to a goal.
  • The F=ma version A exam will be given January 23, 2020 starting at 2:45 pm in room C111 at Eastlake. The F=ma version B exam will be given January 28, 2020 starting at 2:45 pm in room C111 at Eastlake. The test period is 45 minutes. More information about each test can be found at https://aapt.org/physicstea m/2020/ .
  • Students must email Mrs. Okroy by December 2nd in order to fill out the paperwork and register online.

NEW COMPETITION - Added January 9th, 2020
United States Astronomy and Astrophysics Organization (USAAAO) Exam

  • This exam is intended for students who are interested in astrophysics and astronomy across the country. The First Round exam will be a ~75 minute long, ~30 multiple choice pen & paper exam covering all parts of the IOAA Syllabus.
  • The exam will take place on Wednesday, February 12th starting at 12:50pm in C111. Depending on the scores of the First Round, students who place above a cutoff score (TBD) will be invited to  take the National Astronomy Olympiad.
  • Interested students must receive, sign, and return the competition waiver to Mrs. Okroy by Friday, February 7th

United States of America Biology Olympiad (USABO) –

  • This is an exam style competition. Students will sit for the 90 minute exam which covers a wide variety of Biology and AP Biology concepts. USABO will be run on February 5th, 2020 starting at 12:50 pm in room C111 at Eastlake High School. More information regarding the test can be found at: https://www.usabo-trc.org/src-general-information
  • Students must email Mrs. Okroy by January 10th in order to fill out the paperwork and register online.

Physics Bowl –
The PhysicsBowl is a competition that contains 40 multiple choice questions from topics taken in high school physics. The exam will be taking place on March 25th starting at 12:50pm in room C111 at Eastlake High School.
To register, please email Michelle Okroy (mokroy@lwsd.org) before the February 21st deadline in order to receive your waiver. The waiver must be completed in order to be registered. For more information visit, https://www.aapt.org/Programs/PhysicsBowl/howto.cfm.