Incoming 9th Grade - Class of 2022

Class 0f 2022 Incoming 9th Grade Parent Night presentation from January 24th

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Incoming 9th Grade FAQ's

Parent Night Presentation - I could not attend incoming 9th grade parent night or my student missed the EHS counselor presentation at her/his school. Is there a way I can see the presentations?

  • Incoming Freshman Parent Night PowerPoint
  • Registration PowerPoint for Class of 2022.

  • Can I take a math class over the summer to accelerate the math pathway?

    We ordinarily do not recommend students accelerating the Math pathway over the summer, but we also understand that some students can accelerate the pathway and still find success at the next level. We definitely do not want to hold your student back from advancing in their course work, but at the same time we want to make sure they are prepared for the next level. If your student is interested in accelerating the Math pathway over the summer, please notify Meggan Peterson Meggan will e-mail you Appendix C Request for Acceptance Out of District Credit paperwork to complete and return to her by e-mail or in person in the Eastlake HS Counseling Center by the May 16th deadline. You will be notified once EHS Principal, Chris Bede, approves the form. After your student finishes the class, they will take an assessment prior to school starting to ensure that they have the requisite knowledge and skills to advance to the next level. This assessment will not preclude them from advancing in the math pathway, rather it will guide them in making a thoughtful decision. Until they complete the class, however, they need to sign up for the next class in the Math sequence. Once the math course is completed please provide an official transcript to their high school counselor, by the deadline of August 24, 2018, who will change the student’s schedule to the next math level. They should choose a class from an OSPI approved on-line provider .

    Social Studies - What are the Social Studies options for 9th graders?

    For the Class of 2022 the Social Studies requirements will be:

    9th grade yearlong World History 1 or Honors World History

    Honors English - Can any 9th grader request Honors English?

    Yes, any student can request, but it is recommended that they earn a B or better in 8th grade English. (top)

    PE Credits - What options exist for meeting the PE graduation requirements?

    1.5 PE and .5 Health credits is required for graduation. Students should plan to take the yearlong Health/PE class (.5 PE and .5 Health credit) in their 9th grade year unless they have 2 year long classes that are a priority such as Band, Choir, or Special Education support. It is what is typical and what most 9th graders take. If the student does not take 9th grade Health/PE they have to seek the .5 Health class through LWSD summer school, an accredited pre-approved on-line class or another year during their 7 period schedule. The options for remaining PE credit are to A) take PE classes at EHS, B) Take the LWSD PE Knowledge Assessment C) Submit a Fitness Plan. Information on options B & C can be found on the district PE assessment page here and are not available until 11th grade year.

    Does my student have to take the 9th grade yearlong Health and Fitness class?

    Yes, the Health and Fitness class serves as a foundational class for a student's Eastlake experience. This class helps students develop study skills and learning strategies such as time management and goal setting. Health and Fitness will also help students develop the knowledge and skills to successfully navigate life in high school and beyond. Students explore topics such healthy relationships and stress management.

    Both Health and Fitness also remain graduation requirements. Although we have a way to excuse students from the PE, Health is a requirement, and in future years it will not be offered at Eastlake outside of Grade 9 Health and Fitness.

    What are the yearlong Elective Options for 9th Grade?

    Here is a list of 9th grade elective available at Eastlake:

    Introduction to Engineering Design
    Introduction to Marketing
    AP Computer Science Principles
    Spanish 1 or 2
    French 1 or 2
    Japanese 1 or 2
    American Sign Language 1
    Photo 1 & 2
    Art Foundation
    2D Art
    3D Art
    Drama 1 & 2
    Guitar 1 & 2
    Piano 1 & 2
    Concert Band
    Concert Choir
    Jazz Band (w/Concert Band)
    Walking & Yoga/Advanced Walking & Yoga (yearlong)

    *Must meet any pre-requisites. Check Course Catalog 2018-2019

    Middle School Credit on HS Transcripts

    Students have the legal right to put it on their transcript – they do not have to and they would need to request it from their high school counselor. Once it is done, it cannot be removed. If your student took Spanish 1(or other World Language) in middle school and your student is only planning to take two years total of a World Language, they will need to bring Spanish 1 onto their transcript to reflect that they have met the two year world language requirement. Your student would need to make an appointment with their school counselor to get a form to complete the process. There is also a section on some college applications for listing any high school classes taken in 7/8th grade.

    Credit Recovery - If a student fails a class in 8th grade, what are his/her options for making up the credit?

    While there are options for credit retrieval, they are typically expensive and inconvenient. It is important for students to pass the Washington State History graduation requirement in middle school. For students who failed classes like Spanish 1, Algebra 1, or Geometry they would repeat the course in 9th grade, or take summer school, or complete an accredited, pre -approved online course.

    Math and Science Pathways - Can you help me understand the math and science pathways?

    In the vast majority of cases, students progress from 8th grade math to Algebra 1, from Algebra 1 to Geometry, and from Geometry to Algebra 2. Incoming 9th grade students can choose between Biology in the Earth System or Honors Biology in the Earth System.

    Math Pathway for 2018-19- click here

    Science Pathway for 2017-18 - click here

    Upper Level World Language - What do you offer as far as upper level languages?

    Currently EHS offers:

    American Sign Language 1, 2, 3 (this will continue to grow with more levels each year if there is the need and desire from students)

    Spanish 1, 2, 3, 4 Honors, 5 Honors, AP Spanish Language

    French 1, 2, 3, 4 Honors, French 5 Honors, AP French Language

    Japanese 1, 2, 3,4 (this will continue to grow with more levels each year if there is the need and desire from students)

    Mixed Grade Level Freshmen Classes - What classes are typically mixed grade levels for 9th graders?

    Math, World Language, Music, Marketing and Engineering. 9th grade core block of English, History, and Science and PE/Health are just 9th grade classes.

    10th Grade Honors Access - Can my student still get into the honors or AP pathway if they don’t take the honors pathway in 9th grade?

    Absolutely. They will have the exact same opportunities either way.

    Art Options - Do you have an art pathway for 9th graders?

    Yes, the requirement for 9th grade Fine Arts courses is that they are 1 year long. Click here for the Fine Arts Pathway diagram.

    Currently EHS offers:

    Music - *Piano 1 & 2, *Guitar 1 & 2, Orchestra, Orchestra 2, Concert Band and Concert Choir. Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band and Concert Choir by audition only.

    Fine Arts - Art Foundation, 2D Art, 3D Art, *Drama1 and Drama 2

    Technical Education *Photo 1 & 2

    * Grade 9 students wanting to take Photography, Drama, Piano or Guitar must sign up for semester 1 & 2.

    World Language Credit Options - Are there alternatives to my student completing the 2.0 world language graduation requirement?

    LWSD - World Language Credit Options - here.

    Freshmen Wind Ensemble/Symphonic Band - Is there ever a possibility that a freshman can take Wind Ensemble/Symphonic Band?

    Yes! Freshman can audition for Wind Ensemble/Symphonic Band. These auditions will happen in late March. They should register for Concert Band however. If they make it into Wind Ensemble/Symphonic Band we will have their schedule adjusted.

    Jazz Band Auditions - When are Jazz Band auditions for the 2018-19 school year?

    You will be contacted about auditions. Please sign up for Jazz band in addition to concert band and you will be sent audition materials.

    Non-English Native Speakers- What do you suggest for students who are native speakers of Spanish, French, or Japanese but who want to take a world language class at EHS as opposed to the World Language Credit Options discussed in the above FAQ?

    All situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis. If students are verbally fluent, we would start them off in Level 2 or higher depending on the level of literacy, which will be determined by the World Language Department. Heritage speakers are encouraged to take upper level language classes during their high school career.

    Missed Counselor Presentation - My student will miss the counselors presentation – how can they get the information?

    Counselors will leave copies for any students who are absent with their English teachers. The following week counselors will be back to help them register for classes and can answer any questions they may have then. You can see the PowerPoint presentation here

    Finish Registration - My student will miss the counselors on the 2nd day of presentation – how do they get registered?

    Have them turn in their signed course selection sheet to their teacher the day before and we will make sure the class requests get entered.