Important PSAT Information - Test 10/10/18

Important PSAT Information

EHS offers the PSAT on Wednesday, October 10. The exam starts promptly at 7:30 so 10th and 11th graders need to be on time. See below for additional information.

EHS Modified Schedule:

  • PSAT 7:30-11:25
  • 1st period 11:30-12:25

Who’s Going Where?

  • FRESHMAN – 9th grade activities in the D & E-wing. Class at 11:30.
  • SOPHOMORES – All 10th grade students take the PSAT. Class at 11:30.
  • JUNIORS (taking PSAT) – will be assigned to a room in the C or D wing. Class at 11:30.
       * (Not taking PSAT) - “Study Hall” (in upstairs commons)
  • SENIORS -  Stay home and work on college applications, High School & Beyond plans, or other Senior Year tasks. Come to class at 11:30.

What to Bring?

  • Student ID
  • Pencils
  • Calculator
  • Snack

The day of the Test

  • You will find your room assignment posted in the commons. Show up early to see what room you will test in and make sure you find your way there by 7:30
  • Cell phones are not permitted near the test.

Helpful Information about the Test

  • The PSAT is essentially a gateway to doing well on the SAT.
  • Your PSAT score can predict your SAT score.  The PSAT essentially shows you how well you’d perform on the SAT if you were to take it at that exact moment in time.
  • All juniors who take the PSAT are automatically entered into the National Merit Scholarship Program, which awards annual $2,500 scholarships to top scorers.
  • You don’t lose points for wrong answers, but you do lose points for skipped answers. Random guessing won’t do much for your score, but if you can make an educated guess (where you eliminate at least one of your answer choices), you can boost your chances of getting the question right.
  • Get a good night’s sleep!
  • Don’t stress about this test… it’s practice!