AP Test Registration

AP Late Registration Reminder!

College Board changed registration dates for May 2020 AP exams. To meet the new College Board ordering deadlines, LWSD students registered for AP exams in October.

LWSD is offering a LATE AP Exam Registration window from February 18, 2020 through 2:30pm on February 27, 2020. Students who register during the LATE AP Exam Registration window will incur a $50 per exam late fee in addition to the $96 per exam fee. If your student is interested in registering for AP Exams during the LAST AP Registration window, bring a check to the Eastlake Bookkeeper, Ms. Guinasso.


If you have questions about this process please email Mrs. Olson, AP Coordinator at polson@lwsd.org.

The October window for AP Test registration is over. The deadline was October 25th at 12:45PM

Do you Still Need to Register for an AP Exam?

Late registration will be from 2/18/20-2/27/20 through 2nd lunch and a $50 late fee will be incurred.

AP Registration and Exam Information Letter
AP Registration Envelope

If you have College Board approved accommodations, you may elect to waive some or all of them on your AP exams. If you would like to do that, please complete these forms and return them to Paula Olson, AP Coordinator at polson@lwsd.org by 10/25/19.

This year, you only turn in the form if you want to change your accommodations used on AP exams. If you are using all of your accommodations as approved by College Board, do not send in the form.

Join your class section in AP Classroom by using the Join Code from your AP teacher and the instructions emailed to you from Skyward on 10/15/19.
•    If you are self-studying for an AP exam, please email Ms. Olson to get your Join Code for that course as it will not be the same as the EHS class code
•    If you would like to request financial assistance for AP exams, please email Ms. Olson for the form