Eastlake High School provides a variety of courses and opportunities for students. With our unique rotating schedule of three courses per day plus homeroom, students have the opportunity to engage in a quality educational experience. Eastlake was built using the house concept of placing students. This means that students have a core of teachers (math, science, English and history) working together to integrate instruction in all content areas.

With the variety of programs, students select the best learning environment for themselves! From traditional humanities, math, and sciences to UW Advanced Placement, Honors, and Running Start. There is something for everyone!

Elective courses are also available with the opportunity to earn college credit. Eastlake offers a wide spectrum of technology courses from programming, drafting & engineering, to material sciences. The Family and Consumer Science Department also has a variety of courses and a pre-school right on site. The Business Department has a variety of courses from entrepreneurship, accounting, law, and technology plus the Student Store which provides another opportunity for students to receive on-the-job training right at school. The Fine Arts Department and Performing Arts Department provide an assortment of classes for the novice to the experienced with AP opportunities. They also participate in after school performances, competitions, and other school related events.

There truly is something for EVERYONE!

  • STEM School Signature Programs Open to Students from other LWSD High Schools Students from the four comprehensive high schools in Lake Washington School District who are in their junior or senior year are eligible to take a signature program at the STEM School in 2014-15. The STEM High School Signature programs available to eleventh graders are Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Design, and Forensics/Psychology. The STEM High School Signature programs available to twelfth graders are Biomedical Engineering and Advanced Physics/Global Engineering. For information, visit the STEM School website.
  • Advanced Placement Classes
  • Problem Solving Challenge