Staff Directory

EHS Staff by Department 2019-2020


Bede, Chris - Principal
Apple, Todd- Associate Principal
Breynaert, Darcie - Associate Principal
Johnson, Robert - Associate Principal
Lamont, Elise - Dean of Students



Pat Bangasser - Athletics Director

Amy Hill - Athletics Secretary



Listed by student last name assignment

A-CA  Stephanie Fox-Bailey
CE-GA  Sara Anderson
GE-I  Paula Olson
J-MAR Yvette Cook
MAS-Q Kim Sheely
RS-T Taylor Erickson
SU-Z -Shawna Beresford

McGuigan, Carol - College and Career Specialist
If you are a college, employer, scholarship or volunteer organization, please see the Eastlake College and Career Center website tab for more info.

Counseling Support Staff
Cathy Johnson - Registrar
Kakani, Divya - Career Center Assistant

Career/Technical Ed (CTE)



Story, Kathleen - Librarian
Yap, Mei Ling - Secretary



Harris, Valerie - Orchestra
Moe, Chelsee - Band/Wind Ensemble
Spichak, Andrey - Choir/Music Tech/Piano

Physical Education and Wellness


Special Education

World Language

Office and Support Staff

Agrawal, Shaily - IA SPED
Bailie, John - Stadium manager
Barr, Jordan- SLP
Beatty, Yoko - Para Ed.
Bertram, Carol - In-School Suspension
Carey, Carolyn - Building Use/Secretary
Chau, Emi - Para Ed.
Chea, Phang - Custodian
Chetanwala, Bindu - Data Processor
Clemente, Helen - Para Ed.
Duarte, Amanda - High School and Beyond Plan specialist
Garsi, Maria - Athletic Trainer
Gavin, Tracy - Para Ed.
Karen Guinasso - Bookkeeper
Hawkinson, Sue - Library
Hill, Amy - Athletic Secretary
Holbrook, Elaine - Kitchen Supervisor
Holifield, John - BECCA
Hsieh, Ming-yeh - SLP
Johnson, Cathy - SpEd IA/Para Ed.
Kakani, Divya - Career Center Assistant, CTE IA
Kelly, Blake - Para Ed.
Kelly, Deb - Para Ed.
Kilborn, Cathy - Receptionist
Malalpaz, Esther - Occupational Therapist
Marcinko, Bev - PT
Patel, Suniti - Psychologist
Peck, Reuben - Campus Security
Peterson, Meggan - Student Services Secretary
Pintilei, Doru - Head Custodian
Radek, Laura - Science IA
Rowe, Lori - Office Manager
Rundle, Jenny - Para Ed.
Santos Alves, Maria - Para Ed.
Santoyo, Jacob - Campus Security
Schmatz, Lisa - Secretary
Scholz, Haven - Attendance
Schulum, Andrew - Psychologist
Scott, Wendy - Material Science IA/Library IA
Sentell, Jo - Psychologist
Sreeramalu, Prabha -  Para Ed.
Swisa, Jennifer - Nurse
Thomas, Tina - Theater Manager
Wong, Betty - IA Student Store